Monday, June 7, 2010

Sound hole Rosette Final and Bracing Rough Cut

Cutting the groove for the Petoskey stone inlay.
I can't even express how worried I was at doing this process. I don't know why but I expected something to not work out. The precision needed for this was exact. I measured 3 times for each cut and practiced a bunch of times. Before committing to the actual board – you can see practice cuts in the upper left of the photo below.

First cut: outer part of the ring.

Second cut: Inner part of the ring.

Third cut: decided to do a third to loosen up the material in the middle of the other two cuts.

Chiseled out the remaining wood.

Placing the binding in and preparing to do a dry fit.

Starting to glue each piece in the groove – I was surprised at how accurately I shaped and thinned each piece – they fit perfect!

Final piece inserted. I broke this piece but didn't care because it will be covered by the fretboard when the instrument is assembled.

I started sanding, but that didn't work so well. I discovered that filing was the way to go. Then I finish it off by sanding at 80 grit with an orbital. I took off a lot of material as you can see on the soundboard.

Cutting the sound hole.
Now it's starting to look like a guitar.

I also rough cut all the bracing material for the sound board. (below)

I had also finished up that box joint Jig I posted about earlier – it turned out pretty nice.

I realize I haven't been posting a lot lately, but I think I'm over a pretty big hump and should be moving along once again. Lisa has a new job and has to go to bed around 6pm to 7pm which affects the amount of time I can be running power equipment. And since I get out of work around 5-6pm that leaves a small window during the week, but I'll find a way to get this moving.

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