Monday, June 14, 2010

Measure Twice, Draw once (then sand it off and do again)

So it's a little too humid in the basement to start carving the braces, so I didn't get much done this last weekend (was up to 70%). I've got a de-humidifier on down there now and will hopefully be ready to start gluing on the braces tonight. I drew out the bracing pattern on the soundboard, and realized after everything was drawn the most critical position (the bridge) was in the wrong location... As shown in the below photos. I did sand it off and redo all the marks. I also did a final thicknessing of the soundboard and am happy with the way it sounds when tapped. That board resonates like crazy – wonder what the bracing will do to the sound...

I also made the bridge patch (the small peice of hardwood that attaches under the soundboard at the bridge location). I did have some trouble thicknessing it to 3/32 of an inch. It got caught in my sander... Will hopefully get that the upper graft and maybe the finger braces glued on tonight.

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