Monday, August 1, 2011

Binding Issue Fix

Thanks to whoever posted the encouragement on the last post. I've been thinking about this project a lot in the past few weeks. I need to get moving and finish this already! It makes me so excited to see the guitar so close just sitting there waiting to be finished (and played!)

This is about where I'm at. I still need to bolt the neck on, put a heel cap on the back, make the nut, make the saddle, finish sanding, do binding on the headstock, drill and put the tuners in place and french polish this bad boy, glue on the bridge, drill the string holes in the bridge, do the set-up and string it! Long list but nothing is too labor intensive except for the french polish. Oh and I have to fill the grain as well.

Arrrggghhhh! I made a mistake sanding the binding... I took it too far and didn't notice until it was totally messed up! (the photo above was taken after the fix)
The fix. I just need to put some more wood down. And start over with the sanding.

CA gluing in the replacement piece.

Ahhhh, much, much better!

I also ordered some gold colored, Planet Wave, locking, string-cutting 18:1 tuners. These are the same tuners that I placed on my electric guitar and I love them. I can re-string so fast with these.

If I don't post again within a week, hunt me down and slap me up-side the head.