Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back Bracing and More

Cut out the back of the guitar. The side you see will be inside the guitar when assembled.

Laying out the braces and gluing the center graph down. The graph is sitka spruce, just like all of the bracing. But each of the grafts came from the left-over material from the soundboard.

Wanted something heavy to weight it all down while the glue dried – my power amp does the trick.

sanding the braces to allow for the slight curve of the back.

Gluing the first brace down. Forgot to shape the grafts before doing this – UHHHG. Oh well it will just be a little more difficult now.

Taking material off the X bracing on the sound board. Completed this step and then...
Chisels are sharp! I was using my finger as a guide but when my finger stopped the chisel didn't. Always have both hands on the chisel they say... and I do, but I managed to put a small cut on my finger anyhow – time to quit for the night.
It's OK. Blood makes guitars sound better.

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