Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Gluing on the upper trans graft and the bridge patch.

Gluing the finger braces and the sound hole braces. I did place about 4 more clamps on this after the photo was taken.

Ready for carving. Each finger and sound hole brace needs to be thinned down and shaped like a pyramid or parabolic from the board up.

Rough carved shapes.
sanded down – much closer to the finished shape.
Done shaping the small braces. Five more to go, but because the these will put a slight curve on the soundboard I'm going to wait to glue them up 'til later this week.Getting there slowly!


  1. hi Mike,
    Where was the humidity at when you glued these pieces to your top, and how long did you allow the wood to acclimitize in that safe RH range?

  2. I had the humidity at 45%. I had been around that for weeks then had about 5 days of high humidity. I got it back down to 45 but didn't let it sit for long... maybe 2 days. but it's sat like this for about 5 days without changing. Didn't want to put the x bracing on without knowing I'd be working on it continuously. I will be back to it tomorrow.

  3. whew, ok. I was worried. Everything looks really good, and I'd hate for you to have to do it over! It is harsh here in Michigan and working in a basement, I learned the hard way.

    How are you measuring RH?

  4. Good, you had me worried! I use a digital temperature/humidity thing I bought at Walmart. I plan to do the X bracing tonight. Thanks for your input!