Monday, June 21, 2010

Brace all over the Place – soundboard

Gluing down the upper face brace.

Couple comments about humidity on the last post. Not being too dry or too humid is really important when bracing – I've read that 40% is about where you want to be. You also want to make sure you wood has had time to climatize prior to bracing. Here is the temp/humid gauge I picked up at Walmart. It sure is hot in my basement – for Michigan that is...

Also glued down the lower face braces (below lower left) and I spent some time shaping all three.

Better look at the upper face brace / trans brace / and sound-hole braces. I just realized I need to make a little groove in the center of the trans' brace to make room for truss rod adjustments. I'll do that tomorrow.

Lower face braces, carved but not sanded (below).

Finger and lower trans braces sanded. Ohhhhhhhhh.
Cutting out the slots for the X braces. there is one already cut above the one I'm cutting.

Gluing up the X braces. It's important that the X braces contact the bridge patch and the sound-hole braces. They fit perfect!
This will set over-night and I will finish by shaping the X braces tomorrow night. Then I will move on to bracing the back.

In an older post I stated that I would take a photo of my past projects when I finally got up to the cabin to see them... well I went to the cabin this weekend (that's why there was no posts). But I did get some photos of a roll-top bread box and a gumball machine both completed as a freshman in high school. You can see them here at the bottom of the page on this: Old Post

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