Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kerfing for the Back

Finished up cutting the rest of the wood for the mortise (with a fretsaw). I also finished sanding the top of the sides and heel-block. The kerfing that will hold the back in place was next on the list.

One side all glued up.All those rings are just rubber-bands that spilled out of the clothespin holder.
Photo this morning of all the kerfing done!

So the next step is gluing the back in place. I will most likely do this later this week or weekend. I will need to do a last go-over sanding anything that is left on the inside and fixing any glue squeeze-out. I've included the photo of the back and neck just to show how far we've come on this project. It is really getting close.

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  1. Holy cow, Mike. This is so much work, I can't get over it! Also, can't wait to see the final product and, of course more importantly, to HEAR IT!