Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Week Off

I took the week off from work and spent some time with my family. Didn't do much on the guitar this last week but plan to get back at it this coming week. Still haven't receive the sound-board or bracing material yet – hopefully by Friday.

Below is what I did do:
Attempted to cut the M.O.P. with a jewlers saw on loan from my buddy Bruce. That worked but was difficult. Then I tried the scroll saw above. That kinda worked but I didn't like my fingers that close to the blade. The vacuum hose worked good but it would suck up large pieces (sometimes the ones I was cutting).

Then I tried the dremel with this attachment... worked perfect!
cut the paper pattern out,
spray mount on the back,
stick it on the M.O.P.

cut it out, see the dust going into the vacuum hose? I placed drywall tape on the head to stop it from sucking up big pieces.

Pieces all rough cut.
starting to put them in after some sanding and filing. This is going good and I will have an update on this soon. I still have the a, t, t, and y to finish up. May redo the C as well.

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