Thursday, April 8, 2010

Headstock Inlay Done

It was pretty tough to get a half-way decent photo of this because the light reflects off the mother of pearl. But there it is, all set in and sanded down. I'm not 100% happy with it, mainly because it should be perfect considering the amount of time I spent on it. But it's still pretty good.

All the pieces set in and glued in with C.A. glue.

Another photo at that stage that shows the whole headstock.

Starting to sand the epoxy filler coat down. The final image is at the top of the post. I realize that my photos still suck as I'm taking them with my camera on my phone. I have a better camera on my new phone than when I started this project but it's still not the best. When I finish this guitar I plan to hire a professional photographer to shoot the guitar – so I will have great photos at the end. Wonder who I could get to take those photos? Wonder if my daughter reads my blog...

Update: I received a shipment of wood on Tuesday! So that means I can start the body... maybe this Saturday. I promise to show more progress soon. My week off really helped get me motivated again.

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