Monday, February 22, 2010

Thoughts on headstock and Fret-board Design

I'm at a point were I need to choose how I plan on designing some elements to make this guitar custom. Part of me doesn't want to post this section because I want my guitar to be unique and I'm afraid that somebody may copy some of these design elements but whatever, if they do they do...

I did get some wood for the back and sides of this guitar (new post to come on that), but that also means that I have material for the head-stock (part where the tuners go). So I thought I may want to get going on designing a template for that.

I drew these from my mind on the computer. Obviously they are not completely unique, (because I've seen many head stocks before) but since I didn't reference anything while doing it they will be some what unique.

Here are three ideas (ignore the top straight line):

A: B:

I really liked these three the most of all I drew. You'll notice that each is asymmetrical. I like that much more than symmetrical designs. Of these three I will probably go with option B, or maybe something between option b and c.

Now for the neck inlay I did many versions and of those I like these two designs the most.
The top option was modified from stock art. The bottom option is drawn completely from my head.

Ebony (dark wood) will be my base layer, but I'm not sure whether to go with cherry (light) for the inlay or walnut (dark). I do like the idea of black on black as it's subtile but I also like the cherry as well...
Here are two options with each wood

My thoughts on the four designs are: if I went with option 1 I would probably go with the darker walnut inlay. But with option 2 I would probably go with the cherry inlay. I'm leaning toward option 2B at this time.

However, I don't have two tools I need to work on the inlay at this time (Dremel routing base and a jewelers saw). Plus, I don't know (for sure) what the rosette (sound hole) will be. This could change my opinion of what I end up doing on the inlay work. I have time to purchase these tools and solidify my opinion (or even come up with a new design) while I'm working on planing and sanding the wood for the back and sides of the body and making the headstock.

Although this inlay looks nice (at least in my opinion) remember I'm a much better graphic designer than woodworker. So I'm not sure how well this will turn out. We'll see.

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