Monday, February 22, 2010

Second Board and More – Trip to the Hardwood Store

I was kinda stuck, and couldn't continue to work without more materials but I wasn't sure which way to proceed. I figured the best way would be to just start on the fingerboard, so I went to the local hardwood store to purchase some ebony.

When I arrived I had to look at a rosewood board that I had been admiring online. It was a tad smaller (.25") than what I was hoping for but exactly what I wanted aesthetically. After looking it over I asked the yardman about ebony.

He took me to a pile and I found this board and I loved it – dark, grain is pretty straight, and close to quarter-sawn. Asked him to cut out 21". This board is wide enough and thick enough to actually do 4 fret-boards and cost $16. You can purchase these as blanks in luthiers catalogs, but I would have paid quite a bit more and would have only received one.

Here is the same board ripped to a 3" width.

While the yardman was sawing out my ebony, I found this board (above) of mahogany. It was on sale and I asked how much for 36". He said it would be about $10-15 and I told him I would like that as well. Maybe for a classical guitar in the future or even a different wood project who knows.

When we went back into the show room I had to look at the Bolivian Rosewood one more time. I really liked this board. He told me that if I paid full price for this one board he would give me the other two boards for free... They were asking $70 for this board and I was already about $30 in...

Well, I purchased this board too.

Now that's a lot to pay for one board for sure. But if I were to purchase sides and backs from a catalog I would be paying way more and I would only get enough wood for one guitar. This purchase allows for two guitar backs and sides plus the ebony. So I think I did well and others have agreed... Lisa may not.

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