Monday, March 28, 2011

Making the End Patch

Before I start putting the binding on there was one last thing to do – put the end patch on. This is the decorative piece that goes at the bottom of the guitar on the tail block. It separates the sides and just looks good. The first step was to route the channel for the plate. I did this with the dremel with the router base. It worked perfect. I then sanded it straight.
I found this awesome piece of birds-eye maple that I bought from the scrap bin at the hardwoods store back when I first purchased the wood for this guitar. I didn't have any plans for the scraps, but it just worked out that I found this piece in with them all. It really looks sharp. I cut it to thickness on the scroll saw and then sanded the sides down to match the angle on my belt sander.

Decided to put some black/white binding material in there too to make a better optical separation. There was a loto of sanding, fitting and re-sanding here.

Once glued in and dried I used an orbital sander to sand it all flush. Wow, this looks cool, I hope the rest of the binding turns out this good.

Another angle. I couldn't be happier with how great this looks.

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