Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kirfing Jig (a waste of time)

I based the design of this jig off from this video:

Except, I thought It would be more useful to have a wheel advance instead of a rack advance.
I did all the math and sure enough this will advance a quarter inch every click.

Once circle for advnacing the wood and the other to go between the gear and the advance.

I placed old bicycle tire rubber around the bottom circle to help grab and advance the wood.

Completed jig.
Lever moved to advance the wood.
So did it work? Yes, and no. It did work in advancing the wood, but was inconsistent when the wood block thinned out a little. I was disappointed and will most likely re-make this someday with springs to hold the wood up to the round block and I'm sure it will work perfect. I just got tired of building jigs and wanted to get back to working on the guitar.

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  1. Holy mackerel . . . I'm amazed/impressed with your fortitude and ingenuity! Keep it up!