Monday, March 15, 2010

Making the Headstock

I'm using the wood from the same board that I'm using for the back of the guitar. So I needed to see exactly what the back of the guitar will look like visually so I can cut the headstock from an unused piece of this wood.

Two pizza boxes and some moving it around on the wood and I came up with this (above). Love it.

Some of the unused piece.
Sanded down to a veneer type thickness and gluing it on.

Drawing the shape on the veneer.

Cutting with the coping saw. Funny I've never cut myself with a scroll saw (even with my fingers less than an inch from the blade), but I have twice cut myself with this tool – this project alone.

One of the worst cutting jobs ever done with a coping saw. Above...

But it sanded out and looks awesome.

Sanding out the sides (yep the sanding drum was yet another tool I had to make for this job!).

Sah - Wheat!
It's starting to take shape! I will put the frets in next, glue the fret-board down and carve the rest of the neck.

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